Jiangsu Unite Intelligent Furniture Co.,Ltd.About UsDongxing Neighborhood Committee, Fanyang Village, Yanhe Town, Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, 224700Jiangsu Unite Intelligent Furniture Co.,Ltd. is a modern manufacturer with average 280 members specialized in outdoor furniture manufacturing, which covers the material of wicker, glasses, textilene, Plastic wooden, granite and so on. There are total 20000square. It consist of three areas of office building, main production area and staff living area. Of the total area, 1500 square is our showroom, in order to keep the credential for each new sample of our customers, an individual sample room was set up with more than 10 rich experienced designers to develop new produ

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Model NO. UNT-W1817
Model NO. UNT-R737-2
Model NO. UNT-1802
Model NO. UNT-1801
Model NO. UNT-R773
Model NO. UNT-R739
Model NO. UNT-R737
Model NO. UNT-R741B
Model NO. UNT-632
Model NO. UNT-658-C/W459-T
Model NO. UNT-W1602
Model NO. UNT-W477
Model NO. UNT-W485
Model NO. UNT-W497
Model NO. UNT-628
Model NO. UNT-631
Model NO. UNT-W466
Model NO. UNT-W-476

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